Thursday, March 22, 2007

Car Dealerships

Has anyone just purchased a new or used car? How would you rate the process and the service you received?

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Cenla Review said...

I just recieved notice that my new company vehicle was ready to be picked up at Southern Chevrolet. I called the dealership on Wednesday just after lunch, the salesman informed me that he would have to find someone to wash the vehicle and then he would call me to come pick it up. Well I just called him back (24 hours later) and he said he wasn't sure if it had been washed yet or not.

SERIOUSLY, how long does it take to wash a vehicle? Just a side note: the company I work for just purchased/leased over 200 vehicles from General Motors. That amounts to some serious money and look at the amazing service we receive for it.

No wonder American auto manufacturers are doing so poorly.

I will NEVER purchase a vehicle from Southern!